Do Not Squander It

I won’t presume to say what the results will be, but I feel compelled to go on the record saying this:

Dear Democrats, Progressives, and lovers of liberty, one and all,

Should what we hope to happen actually come about, in the days and years ahead, can we agree on one thing: this is not war against, it is war for.  If we do, in fact, take a hefty lead in the Senate and take the Presidency and if we do, in fact, hope to rebuild not only America but the dream and the promise of America, let us be the grown-ups in the room.  Let us not squander this maybe-opportunity.  Please, please, please. 

Let us be the grown-ups who lead America out of her rocky, rocky teenage years.  Let us be the grown-ups our children yearn to see leading this nation into a place where they can grow into the kind of grown-ups we want them to be–a place where they can own homes and raise families and not ever fear that their illness will cost more than their death.

Dare to dream a dream that includes all–even those with differing views.  Dare to dream that we all want the same things: economic and physical safety, roots, opportunity, and (dare I say it?) hope.

Hold on to that vision of America as we lead.  Do not squander this opportunity.  Do not squander this privilege to lead with a vision for an America of which people around the globe–and in this country–used to dream.

Tomorrow will tell if we have the opportunity.  But as we wait for tomorrow, heed these words my dear, dear Democrats, Progressives and dreamers of the dream: Do Not Squander this Privilege.


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One Response to Do Not Squander It

  1. mskitty says:

    Yes, please, be men and women of good character, not opportunists who take advantage of this win to bolster your political standing or your wealth or your influence. Be better than that. Be better than the ones you are replacing. Be women and men we can admire and emulate and support.


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