Is it the Paper or the News?

I had this urge this morning that I haven’t had in several years.  The urge to look at the newspaper.  Now, the urge wasn’t strong enough to propel me out into the snowy, cold yard (yet), but it got me thinking: are the newspapers in decline because people have stopped reading, or have people stopped reading because the news was in decline.  Not the writing.  Just the news, itself. 

I’ve had no desire to pick up a paper for local, national, or international news since before I stopped writing for our local paper.  But this morning–this snowy, cold, glorious hope of a new day morning–I want to look at the headlines and the photos and revel in the analysis of a day’s events.  I want more than talking heads on a screen, but words, glorious words, that reflect a smarter way of being in the world–hell, of leading the world again.

Now, you all are smarter than me so I’ll let you answer the question: has it been the paper or news that repeated the same dreary gray hopelessness of a leadership going in the wrong direction?

Stand up, reporters.  Stand up and take back the news.  Give us the word(s).  Daily.


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2 Responses to Is it the Paper or the News?

  1. nessa says:

    You’re back!!!!


  2. mskitty says:

    Boy, that’s a cogent question and one I hadn’t thought of. Who wants to read a paper when the news is so awful? I read it anyhow, skimming the worst part and mainly reading the comics and features, but today I devoured everything.

    PS. I have missed reading your blog! Please come back!


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