Favorite Inauguration moment

Thank you to the Rev. James Ford for posting Rev. Lynn Unger’s poem and for posting my favorite moment from the inauguration on his website (and which I will attempt to post, below).  Perhaps it is because that same day I dropped youngest daughter off at school, dragging the bag that carries her snow pants and boots, a backback slung over her shoulder, and carrying high off the ground the cello that is at least her height. This is her first year with the cello and I hoped, as I watched this performance, that she, too, was viewing it at school.  That night at dinner, I asked her: did you see the cello at the inauguration?  And her face beamed almost as much as Yo Yo Ma’s did as he played.

  I found Yo Yo Ma’s performance to be the essence of the day–auditory hope performed with an exuberance that could not be contained by cold, by ceremony.  How beautiful it was.  How beautiful it is.  Would that we all could contribute in a way that brought us all this level of joy.


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3 Responses to Favorite Inauguration moment

  1. jules says:

    so wonderful… I couldn’t help but add my own favorite inauguration moment.

    Yale professor, Elizabeth Alexander’s poem.

    Favorite lines, “Some live by ‘Love thy neighbor as thy self.’

    Others by ‘first do no harm,’ or ‘take no more than you need.’
    What if the mightiest word is love, love beyond marital, filial, national. Love that casts a widening pool of light.”

    Nice interfaith / UU message there, huh.


  2. nessa says:

    Yes, I loved that too! (I couldn’t help but wonder how their hands didn’t freeze up, though!)


  3. mskitty says:

    That moment at the inauguration was purely lovely, wasn’t it? My other favorite moment was Pete Seeger at the concert a couple of nights earlier.


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