Got Wisdom?

Big bit of Thanks to Karen Rayne who sent me to BlogNosh where I found the following video featured in their NoshTube:

That it starts with Billy Conn0lly’s voice and then goes into Robert Redford, well that’s a bonus.  But I also marvelled at the simple white background and how the titles are done (this is the video geek in me coming out).  This is just a beautiful video, from so many angles.  And it is just people talking.  Take a listen.  Further, it made me feel okay about not being 26 (or even 36) anymore, and THAT was what I needed today and for some time now.  I could listen to all these people every day for a very long time. Thanks, Karen.  Thanks BlogNosh.


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2 Responses to Got Wisdom?

  1. This may be one of the first times someone has blogged about one of the videos we have featured. There is no place for comments (I should work on that) for the videos, so I never know if anyone is watching them.

    Thanks for watching!


  2. karenrayne says:

    Isn’t Blog Nosh fabulous?? You have a post I’ve been eyeing for publication on Blog Nosh, actually. E-mail me, and hopefully we can get it up… ( Thanks!


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