Don’t want to sound needy … but I am

Um … is it okay to ask for a cyber-hug, cyber-prayer or two? 

Can’t offer details, but I am in the parenting crapper right now, trying to take comfort in people saying I don’t have to feel responsible for everything my children do … and still. 

Still.  A word of encouragement would be great right about now.


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16 Responses to Don’t want to sound needy … but I am

  1. leakelley says:

    I was out of town. Just getting caught up on blogs. Am I too late to bring a hug?

    just in case:


  2. karen says:

    Hugs from me too…


  3. Kelly KH says:

    Many hugs! Parenting is NOT for the faint of heart. I had to have a difficult heart to heart with one of mine last week, so I feel your pain. Hang in there!


  4. uuMomma says:

    Everyone: Thanks. Thank you, thank you, thank you. We are fine. One day I’ll post the details and maybe even laugh about it … ha ha … nope, not yet.

    I feel hugged and loved and much less likely to burst into tears. Thank you all again.


  5. Jess says:

    *hugs* and more *hugs* and oh, honey, you’ll be fine. And so will they. Really.


  6. mskitty says:

    You’re in my thoughts and prayers, Momma. It’s the pits some days, really embarrassing and scary, but I bet your kid(s) will be okay.


  7. Tim says:

    Parenting gets an asterisk when it concerns teenagers and aspiring teens. You do what you can and time passes.


  8. Lizard Eater says:

    Big, big hug.

    And remember this: the world is full of wonderful, successful, smart adults … who did really stupid things as kids. Including our current president.

    Hang in there.


  9. uuMomma says:

    Elizabeth & smijer: thank you.


  10. smijer says:

    I am with you.


  11. Elizabeth says:

    Sending you some good energy… I know that my parents certainly shouldn’t have taken credit for the trouble I got into or things my sister and I did…. I think it is more like you do your best and cross your fingers. Of course, easier said than done! Hope it gets better pronto, Elizabeth


  12. *mwah*

    It will get better.


  13. uuMomma says:

    Thank you both.


  14. kate says:

    Here is a cyber-hug, cyber-cookies, and a cyber hot beverage of choice. (Unless of course a cold one fits the bill better.)


  15. From one who’s (probably) been there (and maybe in worse places…)–

    You’re a good momma, Momma. You don’t make your kids’ mistakes, they do. (Nor do you achieve their accomplishments… but you know that.) Cyber-hugs & prayers & good thoughts to you.


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