Bring It

Since so many of you gave me prayers the last few days, I’m sending one out to you.  It is the prayer I read as part of Sunday’s sermon.  Thank you, once again, to all.

Bring it
Bring your joy/ bring your sorrow
Bring your anger/ bring your understanding
Bring your sweetness / bring your bitterness

Bring it
Bring it all to the place where we lay it out and down
And wonder what we brought it all for
in the first place.

Bring it
Bring love / bring indifference
Bring the snark and the snipe and the request for apologies later
Bring the loneliness that haunts your dark night,
The doubt that whispers around your heart
The failings you can’t help but see.

Bring it
Bring the quiet / bring the noise
Bring your unfettered joy and your dancing shoes.

Bring yourself to this place, once more
And let yourself feel loved
And leave, loving in return.


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2 Responses to Bring It

  1. Beautiful. I’m adding it to my files…


  2. kari says:

    Thanks for the prayer. Thanks.


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