Thank YOUu

To everyone who responded to my call yesterday, whether you left a comment or not: THANK YOU!

Your hugs, thoughts–all of it were felt and did help.  Though it is cloudy and the rain that is falling is supposed to turn to snow, it does feel like a bright, sun-shiny day.

A hastily pulled-together meeting at the guidance counselor’s office allowed three girls to face each other and move on–hopefully a lot wiser.  And the parents a bit more savvy. 

Your wisdom, shared, allowed me to figure out if I want her behavior to change, I have to pay attention to my own. So she and I got up early and prayed together for strength and courage to make the hard choices and create new habits that build new, better us.  Your continued prayers to help us in this would be appreciated. 

Here’s a quick story for the UUs among you:  Last night, when I asked her if she wanted to “ask for guidance” with me, she responded “who would we ask?”  

“I don’t know, who do you believe in?” I asked.

“That’s a good question,” she said.  We decided that I could pray to God and she could pray to Poppa (my dad).  That seemed to work for her. 

We will survive–with all your good help.  Thank you.


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3 Responses to Thank YOUu

  1. Whoa, yeah, Momma. We spent lots of time in guidance counselor’s (and principal’s) offices in our day…

    Can I just say – my eldest will celebrate his 23rd birthday this weekend, and there were days I wondered if he’d live to see 19 – and 20 – and 21? Not because of any horrible illness, but because of stupid choices and bad breaks. As Billy Joel once sang, “Some days just surviving is a noble fight.” (((hugs)))


  2. uuMomma says:

    Thanks, Jacqueline. With three daughters, I know I’m not out of this yet, but oh. my. goodness.


  3. Jacqueline says:

    Ahhhh the teenage years – I have to say that coaching them through those years are some of the hardest work I did (am doing) as a parent. If you EVER need to chat don’t hesitate! We are ALL in this together.


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