Jonesing to build something

My husband just left for the office to play catch-up on a Saturday.  One child still slumbers.  Two others are reading … READING … on a lazy Saturday morning.  And it is a lazy Saturday morning.  I’ve done a little work, cleaned the kitchen, and read the blogs and am trying very hard not to envy Lizard Eater and Dr. Karen for what they are doing this weekend.  

But as I cleaned the kitchen, I realized that what I really want to do this weekend is build something.  With my hands. (I blame Doug Stowe.) 

“Can I build something today?” I asked my husband as he headed for the door.  I used to never ask.  I used to be a stay-at-home mom with more time than money and he would go away on a business trip and come home never knowing what I would have transformed in his absence.  Once it was the living room.  Once I ripped out the carpet in the dining room (toilet overflow accident required that).  Once my friend Jackie came over with her chop saw and helped me transform two old bookshelves and a bunch of spare lumber into a headboard, and I rearranged and painted the room and had it all done in two days.

But now I work full time and don’t have the energy to do these things.  When he goes on business trips now, we girls eat junk food and watch movies with lots of singing and dancing in them. 

Today, with a whole day of nothing but laundry and minimal house-cleaning in front of me, I realized and verbalized my need to “build something” and I told him what I wanted to make.  And then he told me how I should do it–if I were to do it. Then I googled and found  I could buy what I want to make. But I don’t have the dough—but I do have a $75 store credit at a home improvement store and a heckuva lot of creative energy just waiting to be spent. 

“Or I could just paint the kitchen … ” I trailed off.

“Whatever you do,” husband laughed as he left, “just make sure you ‘get er done.”  But that’s not a promise I can keep.  I’m pretty sure.

So, I googled and blogged.  And made more coffee.  And am about to throw a load in the washing machine.  But it’s only noon ….


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One Response to Jonesing to build something

  1. ogre says:

    My beloved has learned… that she may rise in the morning to the entire living and dining room rearranged–even the furniture that takes two to move (where there’s a will…).

    That’s where that energy goes when it doesn’t turn into a full-blown kitchen or bathroom remodel. Or taking a power saw to a wall to open up where we need a window.

    But I think I need to keep that on a tight leash until after I’m done with school; some of those projects demanded a lot of time and effort for extended periods of time…


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