Funeral Music

Apparently I’m in a music and funeral thoughts mode. Everytime I attend a funeral, I start crafting my own.  (I really want to be here for it, so I can make sure everything is staged as I’d like it to be and my only hope is that by the time there is a funeral for me that I won’t have that desire any longer).

In any event, I’ve been on YouTube too much and came across this song, which, when it first came out, my husband said outloud what I was thinking: “I want this song played at my funeral.”

And after we realized that we both wanted it played, we agreed that the girls would accompany whoever survived the other up to the dais at the appropriate moment and give a rousing air guitar sendoff.  Now that I’ve watched the video, I know how I want (or want him) to enter at that moment.  I’ll just need to make a program note to in the notebook of  ideas for my funeral* that a single bulb should dangle just above the dais.

*Yeah, like I’m keeping a notebook.  Y’all ‘ll have to guess what’s best to do.  Like I said, I hope to no longer care.


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4 Responses to Funeral Music

  1. I go old school. Give the “Hobo’s Lullaby.” Check it out over at my little pop stand at


  2. Jacqueline says:

    My husband wants Led Zeppelin In My Time of Dying… which I think is 7 minutes long… or longer. Ahhh the relatives will love it.


  3. ogre says:


    I know I want this played and sung.


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