Aching to wake in the light

In a few weeks it will feel normal, but for now, can I just say, Daylight Savings Time sucks.  It was nice, last week, to wake up early and find it light.  This week, we are dragging — all of us.  Most especially me.

I do not like the cold; I do not like waking up in the dark.  These are conditions for throwing the clock against the wall and sleeping until we naturally wake — when it is light and the day reaches out to greet us.

Perhaps it is the 40 degree temperature swing — temps were over 60 yesterday, though it was windy and rainy, it was warm.  Today, they say there is a chance of snow.  SNOW!  We’ve had enough, dear gods of the weather.  We are weary and long for sunshine to replenish the Vitamin D we no longer have.  Sun, gods!  Send us sun and warmth.  (But keep the mosquitos)


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4 Responses to Aching to wake in the light

  1. leakelley says:

    Yes, Yes, and Yes!


  2. jules says:

    Not all younger people Earthbound.

    The Little Man said on the way to daycare today, “why is it dark outside? It’s not supposed to be dark when I go to school Julian. I want the sun out.”

    I do, too.


  3. Amen, sister! (One of my Facebook friends said “Daylight Savings Time is for much younger people…”)


  4. karen says:

    Hear hear!!!


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