Daylight Savings Time, part 2

So … maybe DST isn’t as sucky as I think.  It’s 5:30 pm, I’m getting ready to get in my car and it is NOT dark.  This I like.

21 degrees … not so much.  But light?  Light, I like.


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3 Responses to Daylight Savings Time, part 2

  1. ogre says:

    All the time? Egads, no. Why we’ve had real live killing frosts in the last couple years–most of the bougainvillea in the area died back to the roots, along with many other cold-sensitive sub-tropical plants, and I’ve seen frost on windshields and rooftops.

    Though… not this year.

    In a subtropical region, that’s shockingly cold.

    That said, there was this warm spell in January when folks were frolicking in mid 70s to maybe 80 degree weather. (Made being in Chicago ironic, indeed!), and the more sheltered of our peach trees bloomed and set fruit.

    Remember, I’m not likely to get to stay here…


  2. uuMomma says:

    “racing your way!” says the man who lives whereit is very, very warm all the time!


  3. ogre says:

    Heck, most of January, as I recall… 21 degrees would have been nicer.

    Spring is racing your way!


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