Cardinal song

Yesterday, it was gray and rained a lot and I wanted to take the time to say “hallelujah” at the sight of the leaves that seemingly appeared overnight on the trees both front and back of the house.  And the glorious colors that stood up underneath the big tree in front, the many-colored tulips that push up and up and open when the sun shines but stay closed yet still beautiful on a gray morning full of water.  Yesterday I wanted to take note of all this, the grayness and the newness and the freshness of color against that gray.  But the morning got a way from me and all I could do was stand at the window and whisper “thank you.”

And, after a long day with worrisome issues, I stepped out of my van and onto the deck and was greeted by a full and lusty cardinal song. Laden down with computer bag, coffee mug and an armful of files I determine to wade through today, I stood on the deck in a still-gray day and saw the flash of red stop on a limb and give voice to my morning joy–nature’s way, I divined, of saying “you’re welcome.”


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