Public Prayer: a Surprise in a small midwest town

One last quick note for the day and then I’m off to work for real:

Wednesday night I attended my daughter’s speech and debate awards banquet and was pleasantly surprised when it was time for the invocation. Fully expecting the “in Jesus’s name …” I was stunned to hear her say “tonight I’d like to share with you something from  Buddhism.”  So stunned was I, I thought she said “Foodism.”  I was also pleased to see that in this one small gathering in a town that is 90+% of european descent, the room held people from a variety of ethnic backgrounds and some obvious representations of religious difference (head scarves, for example).

I was very touched by the display of interest in presenting prayer from a different angle.  Though I’m still curious what a “Foodist” prayer might sound like.


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2 Responses to Public Prayer: a Surprise in a small midwest town

  1. Patrick McLaughlin says:

    The poem “Song of the Taste” (just google it) is one possibility.

    Or perhaps…

    “Holy spirit that sustains all life, that feeds us and fills us, that entertains and delights our palates, filling and satisfying our bellies and bodies, we are thankful…”


  2. How wonderful! Hmmm… Foodism? I don’t know… But – yesterday I was at an ecumenical gathering of ministers and the (Episcopal)priest was offering the opening prayer. “Gracious God, we are grateful for being together today. We are grateful for … coffee refills! Amen.” (We meet in the back room of a coffee shop & the barrista brought in a fresh pot during the prayer!) She got teased about being an almost UU with that kind of prayer.


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