While I was away …

… from the blog, there has been a lot of activity on posts where there are elephants.  Elephants.  Not just any elephants, but “funny elephants” seems to be the search phrase that is pulling people to me site while I let it sit dormant. Elephants.  Not children, not parenting, not church, not even Survivor–in essence, not the things I think I’m talking about when I’m actually writing. Elephants.  It’s a bit of a wake up call, but I’m not sure to what.  So, as I ponder, enjoy!


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2 Responses to While I was away …

  1. uuMomma says:

    Oh, Jules. Thanks. I’d seen that before and just love it. Now I have to go dry my tears …


  2. jules says:

    And just to add another elephant to the mix.
    Check out Bella and Tarra. I love this video.

    Oh no… I’m getting a little verklempt.


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