“So, here’s the thing”

A few years back I started a writing project of short and short-short pieces that all started with a character saying “So, here’s the thing …”

I started it because I kept hearing people use the phrase to get to the point they wanted to make two or twenty minutes earlier. What I found, once I began listening to what came after this key phrase was either self-indulged  justification for bad behavior, a request for permission to engage in bad behavior for all the reasons expounded on before the key phrase, or, in the best of cases, a simple, honest request for what they really wanted.

I’m feeling the urge to dig out that project. It was pure fiction, which allows me to say the next: it was primarily about sex and sexual tensions.  Boy was it fun to write.  I guess I’m thinking about it as I hear about how elected officials are doing all of the above.

  • “Here’s the thing, I want you to hear me say I’m not a quitter even though I’m quitting.”
  • “Here’s the thing, I really want my wife to stay married to me (so she can stay home and do all the responsible stuff) while I either hike the Appalachian Trail or screw a broad abroad.”
  • “Here’s the thing, I’m not gay, I just like to touch feet  with strange men in public bathrooms frequented by gay men.”

I wonder if this would be a fun communal blog project: Short-shorts (three or four paragraphs max) that must start with “Here’s the thing.” But fiction.  REally.  That’s more fun.


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2 Responses to “So, here’s the thing”

  1. ogre says:

    So here’s the thing; I’d have to be crazy to get involved right now in something like this. Someone–either partner or minister (for that matter) might kill me for the absurdity.

    So… when would this start?!


  2. jules says:

    So here’s the thing… count me in.
    If you can get others to join you, I’m in.

    So where’ve you been?… i’ve missed you.



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