Last weekend, I finally found the cord and the passwords so I could upload some tunes on my iPod with the iTunes card I got for Christmas. More than that, I finally found the tIme to do this in a year that has been consumed by the birth of someone else’s project.  A good and worthy project and one to which I have been thrilled to be, if not the midwife, the hand that brings the warm water and bedsheets.

So then I drove to work and hit the “recently purchased” playlist and realized that I had, quite without thinking, composed an excellent playlist for my own funeral. And I listened to this music during a week when I literally felt like I ought to be planning said funeral because I was, to coin a phrase, bone weary.  I won’t tell you the particulars of my playlist, but I will note that one song was one I hadn’t heard before and purchased it based on the artist and the 30 second soundbite iTunes gives you.  I wanted (and bought) “Perfect Hand” by David Byrne, but then there was this other song, “Here Lies Love,” a song with which I have now fallen in love.  (A little digging and I find it is from David Byrne’s project on the Phillippines and, who else, but Imelda Marcos.) Regardless of the inspiration, it has a great chorus:

“I know that when my number’s up
When I am called by God above
Don’t have my name inscribed into the stone
Just say:
Here lies love…here lies love…here lies love—
Just say:
Here lies love…here lies love…here lies love”  (you can listen to it here)

What a great epitaph that would be–were I to live up to it. “Here lies love.”

So, I’m driving, I’m singing, I’m feeling fairly crappy, and I start to wonder the age-old question: what would I most regret not doing when my clock stops ticking? What’s the one thing I will wish that I had done that I have not yet done?  And, having asked that of myself, having thought it deeply and with conviction, the answer rose up exactly and exquisitely as the tulips after a long, gray winter.

I know what my answer is.  What’s yours?


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