Yesterday felt like a good a productive day. My able assistants and I crossed many “t”s and dotted all the “i”s in trying to finish a myriad of projects for several upcoming events, namely General Assembly. Old projects that were looming, were tucked away and crossed off lists. Better yet, we were able to report some success in the main areas of work that we have been able to do together.  I left the office a little late but still not as late as I had been and I felt this sense of … calm resignation?  And a lot of gratitude.

I’ve learned a lot this last year. I’ve put in a lot of extra time and I’ve been very stressed over a lot of little things that were also very important things to someone else (does it ever really matter to whom it is important, just that it is?).  Sometimes it was very important to me and sometimes I caused stress for other people as I clamored for resolution.  And sometimes I was the one being stressed by someone else’s clamoring.

Regardless, this has been a really informative year and I would say that the most striking lesson I learned is that, generally, all that is required to ease someone’s burden is to respond.  Sometimes the response is “I don’t know.” Sometimes it is “No.” Sometimes the response (though not often enough this year) is “I’m not the one to answer that. I’ll put you in touch with X and if you don’t hear from them by next week, please let me know.”  Often, this year, the response has been “I’m sorry, I still don’t know. We are still working on that issue.” 

The road still isn’t clear. The work we’ve done this past year isn’t even the paving part of the road (nor even laying the gravel underneath the paving), but the initial clearing.  And during this year I have been up to my eyeballs staring at brush.  Yesterday, I finally took a moment to look over my shoulder and saw, tangibly for the first time, we have been making steady and significant progress.  And it feels good.  So good that I shall take a sabbath and will not respond to emails anymore today. Mostly.


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