Tangled and Initial thoughts on Universalism

I picture my brain as a tangled today. First thing out of bed and I feel that I need to tease out the loops of my brain and put them in place so that the rest of the day it may work correctly and in order. The likelyhood seems small. Remote.

I’m trying to think of something smart to write about Universalism as the Salon requests and all I know of it comes from two sources, make that three:

  1. Dragged Kicking and Screaming Into Heaven by the Rev. Dr. Mark Morrison-Reed
  2. My moral imagination cultivated by years of reading honest fiction
  3. My heart

I have no interest in talking about whether there is God or is not God; whether heaven is a place one ascends to or discerns among the now.  I don’t want someone to tell me my God isn’t real any more than I want to tell another that their God is or is not real.

I am, however, interested in hearing others talk about God and Heaven in the language of abundance and inclusion.

I am interested in hearing how God moves in you and in your life, in your intimate relationships and in your casual ones.  Moreso, I think in your casual ones.  Another refrain from David Byrne that keeps moving through my head these days are from A Perfect Hand:

And if you open the door for a lady
You open a door for yourself
And a stranger’s only someone
Who you have yet to help

I know a lot of people who live by the sentiment in the second two lines. They see strangers as those they have yet to serve. They aren’t Universalists, but they are very good people whose understanding of God and heaven helps them be that.

I’m not a theologian or a historian, I’m not even a well-read person anymore, but my understanding of Universalism is that we all take our own paths (and sometimes someone else’s) in order to end up in the same place and share stories of the journey. And if we helped people along the way … go us!

These are my initial and tangled thoughts.  Perhaps a more formed thought on Universalism will present itself.  Perhaps this is as deep as I go. In any event, it keeps my feet pointed on my path.  But perhaps not quite ready for the Salon.


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  2. Why “not ready for the Salon?” We’re all at different points on the journey, some of us even on different paths. Yeah, some of the posters are ‘tres academique,’ I prefer the ones that come from the heart. Like yours. But I won’t put a link there unless you want one. ~EBS


  3. mskitty says:

    I love it, Momma!


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