Crave: Intergenerational Worship

So I just figured out what bothered me most about Sunday morning worship at GA.  While it was great and inspiring, it followed the traditional sermon sandwich structure–without even a story for all ages!  In years past, the Sunday morning worship service was also a great place to explore intergenerational ways of worship–through stories and sound and use of art/stories on those ginormous screens.  Even the music in this particular service was, well, less than engaging. 

I have enjoyed, admired, and tried to emulate elements of past GA Sunday Morning worship services in years past. This one?  Not so much.  Not sure who structures the worship, but I’d say you’ve got the ultimate bully pulpit: use it to show us how it can be done, not how we already know all-too-well how to do.


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  1. Hello,

    While I loved the Sunday morning worship (and was completely blissed-out during the anthem “Can You Hear?”), I noticed the lack of a story for all ages, also. The multi-generational service Friday morning at 7:45 am pulled out all the stops, but I only saw it after coming home (slept in Friday morning of GA in anticipation of a late-evening performance.


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