A slowing

I left the house a little early this a.m., not much, but enough that when I turned down a road I take every day, I had to look twice and brake hard so as not to hit a pair of deer crossing the road.  One darted off to the right, the other headed back to the left and then stood at the side of the road and stared back at me.  Seconds … maybe three … but she stared at me and I at her and we regarded each other with a mix of fear and awe.  Well, at least that’s how I regarded her.  She turned her back on me and walked back into the woods, the way she’d come, separated from her companion who lurked somewhere off on the other side.

Not sure why I’m writing about this, but it was a good way to be back in the world.  Slowly. Staring at me, she made me realize that my world is too small sometimes and sometimes it is just the right size.

I am grateful for this beautiful moment in a life sometimes harried without purpose or reason.  A slowing.  That’s what I got, today.  A slowing–and it held me all day.  And for that I am grateful.


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