Ketchup Day 1: Success on most fronts!

I’m really impressed that I was able to do almost all the things on my list of daily goals for myself on my first “workday” day of my Ketchup vacation: I cleaned the bathroom, I did a little bit of work-work (a very little bit, I am pleased to say), I walked (more on that later), I dined with fine folk (more on that later), and I made food (some new, some old, and some the ususal that came out unusual). The things I didn’t do were: write and do church work. I’d say that I didn’t pray, but prayer is so much more than a written or uttered contemplation and so, after a more thorough description of the day, I’ll let you decide if prayer was in there, or not.

First thing (after coffee and blog-reading) was getting the bathroom cleaned. Second thing: three daughters and I got dressed and headed out to the Indiana State Dunes to visit my sister (Juanita), her boyfriend (Mike) and dog (Peanut) in the campground there. It was my first time to see the RV that has been their home for 9 months and I was quite impressed with the setup.

We decided to take the dog for a walk and explore the campground. We headed toward the lake which is a trip akin to straight up through the woods, then straight down on the sand. With just a minor amount of wondering if our old hearts would survive the trip UP the steep hill and many wooden stairways, we made it over the hill and I have to say it was a gorgeous day to view the lake. After all the storms we’ve had in the area, the lake and sky looked like their mother just scrubbed their face with oatmeal. Shiny, bright and blue, and the sand was mostly clear of debris (a shirt or two dotted the sand).

Head-injury child was the first one up the mountain and down toward the lake, followed closely by girl 1 and girl 2. Poor Peanut was on a leash and had to go at Mike’s pace, and oh was his snubby little tail wagging, waiting to get at the water. The water was cool on our toes. We hadn’t planned on swimming, so we just walked in as far as we could stand it, and Peanut found himself swimming a few times, trying to be where the girls were or chasing a rock or seven that Mike skipped over the lake.

We went the longer, but flatter route back to the campground, then rallied for a trip to find lunch. I told Juanita not to blog about lunch because it was less than stellar–but, being Monday at 2:00, it was what was open. After lunch, I brought them back to my house where the kids entertained Mike by showing him some Wii games he hadn’t yet seen.

Then it was time for dinner making–and this is where it gets good. Juanita had asked for Taco Night–meaning what I call “Mama Tacos.” Nothing special, but tacos the way our mother made them and even though, between us, we are nearly a century old, we still like ketchup (yes ketchup–used to be “hot ketchup” but I can’t find that anymore) on our tacos. There is a sweetness to the food rendered such that is less about taste and more about memory and though it appalls most who view it, it is not something we are willing to give up.

In addition to tacos, I made a black-bean refried mashup thing I’ve been making and that husband and daughter 2 like quite a bit, but I’ve made it too much lately and am a little tired of it myself. I also made guacamole and, while I was worried it was a little limey, there wasn’t a speck of it left at the end of the meal, so I guess it turned out fairly tasty. (The beans, on the other hand, we have plenty of!)

For dessert, I made my first-ever blueberry cobbler. Juanita had picked a ton at her last RV camp (apparently set in blueberry fields where they urged people to pick away). On their own, the blueberries made a tasty dessert, but baked into a cobbler, they were divine. I made the cobbler-novice mistake of thinking that the cobbler, itself, would be enough, but was taken up by the cobbler-experienced for presenting such fare without ice cream!  A not-quite-half-gallon of vanilla with chocalate pieces was delivered to the table with a scooper with the less than generous “Here’s your Ice Cream!” (This last delivered ala Mel Brooks’ High Anxiety … “here’s your paper!”)

We laughed, we ate, I cooked, I cleaned. And now, I’m off to make blueberry pancakes for those who will be golfing later this a.m.  We’ll see what other new experiences there will be for Ketchup, Day 2.


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  1. Sounds wonderful! Have a blessed time!


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