Help a girl out: Thinking about writing

I’m formulating a terribly relevant and interesting post. In my head. Some day soon I’ll take back time to write. In the meantime, I offer these three posts as the fodder for my very significantly important ruminations that will change the world–or at least will stop my head from spinning on its loosely-anchored axis:

Seriously: these three posts have been sitting in the back of my brain since I read them and I’m having a hard time shaking them off and I can’t figure out why my brain insists on lumping them together. Since my way of making meaning is to throw words at a page and pray they formulate understanding, I’m planning a time that isn’t now to do just that. In the meantime, if you can point me toward a direction on the meaning of this trinity, well, I’d thank you.

UPDATE: So, I closed this and then went in to take my shower and as I stepped in, the short answer came: We (Unitarian Universalist lay leaders, seminarians, and ministers alike) are missing the point. We, and when I say we I always mean me, are missing the point. And it makes me sad. And yet also hopeful (and I will expound on this later, much later).


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  2. Bill Baar says:

    PS: if your post a reference to “Peace Making” in the title, Peace Making mostly a tag for posts I write on violence and war. I am bothered that most of UU “Peace Making” in my experience involves ignoring abundent violence in communities near by…


  3. Bill Baar says:

    Not sure what point’s lost to us. As for my link to the news story, those kinds of shootings in Chicago occur daily. It’s a catastrophe.


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