Help with a Universalist Story for All Ages?

My friend Hannah who is one of the worship committee co-chairs asked me yet again: do you have an idea and would you be willing to do the story for all ages next week?  We have a guest United Methodist minister coming to preach about the hopefulness of Universalism.  That’s as much as I know and I don’t have the time early this week to do the research, so thought I’d ask:

Any y’all have any suggestions for children’s stories that tell the Universalist message?  Thanks!


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5 Responses to Help with a Universalist Story for All Ages?

  1. Sara Lewis says:

    Oops! My apologies for commenting with more haste than care …

    Of course Theodore Parker will not help you right now. But it’s still a good story, for another day ….


  2. Sara says:

    I like the story of Theodore Parker and the Turtle, which I believe is in “A Lamp in Every Corner” and also has been adapted for Spiritplay and was up on the spiritplay yahoo groups page some time past. This is what I get when I google “theodore parker and the turtle”:

    The stories in Tapestry of Faith are good too.


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