Dreaming in Genres?

There is a long post waiting to be written about health care reform in response to my anxiety from last week, but for now, I offer you a view to how my anxiety manifests itself:  I have not dreamed much in the last few years. Too tired to dream–or at least remember them.  Last night I awoke from two very different dreams and I wish to ask: does anyone else dream in genre?  Because the first dream that woke me was a neo-horror movie of which I was the star, a young mother of two children whose oldest child is threatened by a demon who has taken over the body of my husband. Then I woke up.  And went to sleep and began dreaming a musical–I think it is the New Recession Musical.  What I remember were three groups of people taking turns at singing. The first group was all male and I don’t remember what they were singing. The second group was of small business owners (as portrayed by aprons and other costume markers) and I don’t remember what they were singing about.  But then there was a group of mothers, looking wistfully off to the distance as they drank coffee and made bread and sang of the days when they built bridges (that’s the one that I remember), and the refrain was “This is only Temporary, THIS is only temporary.”

Then I woke up.  Discuss.


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