Happy Birthday to Us

Sitting next to the birthday girl at dinner last night, I tried to get her to order a different appetizer or something and she turned to me and said “Hey! It’s not your birthday!” and I responded, “Yes, it is. The day you were born is the day who I am now was.”  She smiled and said, “that’s right. Happy Birthday!”

She is my first born and while I cherish each and every day that marks the birth of one of my children, I understand better why I am most emotionally charged on her birthday. It is a day I can point to and say this is THE event that singularly changed the trajectory of my life. As wonderful and significant as getting married was and as I look forward to celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary in a few short weeks, I never felt as changed by marriage as I have by motherhood.

There are very few moments one can point to and say that, THAT changed me. But this I know: on October 7, 1993, I became.

Happy birthday to us.


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4 Responses to Happy Birthday to Us

  1. Happy Birthday to your daughter, UUMomma – and Happy Became You day to you!


  2. I like this. I think of my daughter’s birthday the same way–not only the blessed day when she entered the world, but the day I became a parent.

    But your daughter still gets to order her own appetizer. 😉


  3. uuMomma says:

    Paul–I never thought to do that, but what a lovely gift. My eldest sister was born on May 9, so invariably her birthday also falls on Mother’s Day–what a gift for my mom that must have been.


  4. Paul Oakley says:

    Happy Birthday, uuMomma!

    (Because of a combination of my family’s idiosyncrasies and experiences and my own insistence on not following the herd, I long ago developed the habit of wishing my mother Happy Mother’s Day not on some arbitrary date printed on the calendar and decided by people I’ve never met but on my birthday, the day she became my mother. My family are not big gift givers, but Mom is far more likely to receive flowers from me on my birthday than any other time of the year.)


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