Love, UU-Style: a report

So, for you who followed my FB drama about writing a sermon last weekend on Love, UU-Style, I’d like to note that I think the service went really well. And I want to thank you all for your kind support.

My measure on it going well? When I am approached by a 27-year-old gay Latino wearing his hat backwards who wants to tell me, tears brimming, “I’m so glad I found this place,” and proceeds to tell me that he didn’t think he could ever find a church where he could fit, well, that’s enough. I also want to be clear that I am not sure that this young many has ever attended college; I say this explicitly not because I care one way or the other, but because I want to compare and contrast that encounter with another one that happened the same morning.

Another couple approached me after the service, to express their appreciation for my message and for the presence of the church. They, too, were gay. One was, by appearance, of European descent; the other, of East Asian descent. Both were probably in their late 30s or early 40s. Both were raised Catholic. Both had at least one (and one of them had several) post-baccalaureat degrees. (I know this from the conversation–believe me, it came out naturally and not as a grilling–I was really enjoying the conversation!). So, when this couple approaches me and says they were moved by the message of the service AND the young Latino man tells me how grateful he was to have been present that day, well, I have to say: it went well.

But it also told me that this message of Love, UU-Style is one that people are yearning for– across socio-economic, educational, and cultural backgrounds. How are we inviting them in? How are we bringing them into the fold, and how are we sending them back out? If I were a minister, these would be my guiding questions every single day.

I’m honored to have been present in the moment on Sunday. I hope we can live up to it. (Or should that be “love up to it?”)


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