A Prayer for the Ministers

A Prayer for the Ministers

For those who are coming in 
new to a congregation or to ministry, itself
As intern, interim, contract or settled–
I would wish for you a smooth settling,
If I didn’t know that this is rare
and not always welcomed,
even by you who must
and lead.

May you find a core of worshippers
who love the challange
as much as the chalice
who will take leadership as a lesson learned
and, in turn, lead change in realms
within and without the walls of the religious home
you share.

May you find passion and lust
for compassion and justice
and process and tradition,
and for the transformative power
of each of these.

May you find a people who
honor your theological knowledge
and wisdom, your leadership
and courage, and still question
all that they don’t understand.

May you find yourself in a place
not unlike any other place you’ve
ever worshipped and still,
find it new. And whole,
even in its brokenness,
if brokenness there be.

May you find shelter,
and tear down shelter
where it is unneeded
to bring to the desperate people
regardless of whether they give
to the church or may ever step foot

May you be guided by
principles, practices and people
who are grounded by the
challenging force of the gift
we neither earned nor deserve
and yet yearn to bask in each time
we gather.

May love guide us
as we earn each others’
love and respect
as we do the work of the church
in ways that honor our understanding
of church.

May it be so


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I write poetry and blog at www.tinalbporter.com. And I'm thrilled to be writing with you.
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5 Responses to A Prayer for the Ministers

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  2. Thanks for your beautiful prayer Momma. Even though I started in my current ministry last May, I feel like this is the true “beginning” with this congregation!


  3. Judy says:

    Thank you. Just what I needed as I look to the start of my internship.



  4. mskitty says:

    And thank you. I have the same hope and prayer.


  5. mskitty says:

    Lovely, Momma.


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