Beautifully Brainwashed

Got out of the shower this morning and caught myself in the mirror. First glance was at the lumpy, full, speckled flesh. The second glance was at my face–and the look upon it shocked me awake. Enough! Enough of telling myself I am not good enough because I am not thin enough, tan enough, straight-haired enough.  Enough!

I heard my daughters voices rising in unison when they watched me try on clothes at the outlet mall: “Mom, you’re beautiful.” In their eyes, I am.  And so, enough.

And if that wasn’t enough, watch this:

And then this:

Here’s what I know about beauty: the face I made at myself this morning was anything but–and I don’t ever want to wear that look again. Either at myself or at others. We are all worth so much more.


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