By any means possible

Inspired by the UU Blogger’s Workshop and by Rev. Meg Riley’s latest Quest for Meaning Reflection, I went back to the beginnings of this blog. I just read my New Year’s Eve column from 2006 and my heart broke open again. Not from anything I wrote, but by a comment left there by my other mother, the mother of my childhood (and lifelong) best friend. She passed last year. And I miss her, very much. I was about to write “even though” most of our last interactions were “virtual,” but I stopped. One thing I’ve learned in my years of blogging and posting to Facebook is this: connection is not virtual. The medium may be, but you can love and care for others and send it via electronic means as well as face-to-face and hand-to-hand. Sometimes it has to be heart-to-heart–by any means possible.

Another thing I’ve learned: death doesn’t defeat love; it just changes the medium of communication, yet again. With love to all who touch my life by any means possible …


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