Cover Letter

Ask me what I learned
and I will tell you that you
don’t ask a poet to write policy

You ask a poet to put shape
to wordy things
to intangibles and lovelies
to pain–the reasons for the policies

I learned a lot of donts
of broken things
that try so hard to be what they once were
but really should be free

to become all the pieces
instead of the whole

I learned that sometimes
pride doesn’t come after …
sometimes pride

is the fall.

I learned that had
all the king’s men simply
saw the pieces
and let them be pieces

they might have had better luck.

Who knows?

This is what I learned. In two words.

Who knows?

I don’t, but I can make
informed attempts to get us there

But, you have to tell me where

I learned that I can
no longer take these nubby, ragged
pieces of a life I don’t own
and push them into a cityscape

when what they want to be
is the rainbow