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Beginner Prayers: A book of poems that captures a slice in time boBeginner Prayers Coverth political and personal–2016, an aberrant election year and relearning what it is to be a woman when you’re no longer 24/7 mom.

From Amazon Reviewer SMinIN:

“Buy this collection of poems because they’re surprising, serene, and based upon my experience, they have something to offer you. Sometimes I find poetry unrelatable but this collection goes right to my life, my priorities, my soul. I even underlined passages which again, is not my norm. Thank you, thank you, thank you to Ms. Porter for writing these beautiful poems. They are, indeed, beginner prayers and I’m so grateful to have them in my life.”

Here in the Middle:  Find Tina’s essay on being in the moment when between families: middlewith her parents in California as her father enters hospice while still trying to guide middle schoolers in the midst of their life in Indiana. “The middle years of life are ones of tremendous joy and unchartered challenges. Often times, these are the years when we are pulled in multiple directions, with the needs of our career, marriage, children, aging parents, and friendships all taking a toll on our time and energy. But it can also be a time filled with simple pleasures, deeper connections, and settling into our own skin. Here In The Middle is a collection of essays that gives voice to the complexity of the middle place, sandwiched between love and loss, with thirty-two writers sharing their stories, along with a piece of their heart and soul, so that readers can find acceptance, solace, and understanding.”


Tina Porter has had three pieces published at The Manifest-Station:

You can also find her writing at BrainChild, and featured in BluntMoms.