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Dear Daughters

I have a new post up at my new blog and I invite you to review it at Ugly Pies and Crooked Hats.  Here’s an excerpt: “As I raked, cursing at the leaves and at my own guilt that propelled … Continue reading

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Almost 1:00 on a Saturday

… and I am still in my pajamas. And I am not sick. My stomach is rumbling because I am just that lazy–can’t even bring myself to get up and have a Snicker’s bar with my cold coffee. The one … Continue reading

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Accordion Home

Fall has finally fallen; I know this because I sleep with a blanket of cats these days.  The last several days I have awoken not just with a cat at my feet, but with one on my abdomen or my … Continue reading

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Silver Linings and Soft Landings

Yes, this is what we do: we prepare our young ones to move on and move through and hope that they keep us in their rotation. But the promise of an emptier house doesn’t loom as lovely as it did when said children were toddlers and tweens. Ten-years-ago me would have fought bitterly about that statement, but alas, all the things the older mamas told me have come to pass–and I am grateful for the promise of a soft landing those predictions have given me … and yet ….. Continue reading

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Painted by Pictures of You

My life is painted by pictures of you. There you are, holding me A bundle of cloth protected in your bare arms as you wear that Jackie Kennedy dress-up dress. There is Dad, too. In his cap and gown. In … Continue reading

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We Are More than We Think

I want to ask you (and me) this question today and every day: Do you know–I mean deeply at the root of your being know–that you are not only enough but that you are essential? I spent the morning with Sweet … Continue reading

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One size fits none

Sunday we made a mad dash to the Outlet Mall to purchase one new outfit (at least) for each of the girls before school starts on Wednesday. Church is 20 minutes west of our house; the outlet mall is 45 … Continue reading

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So, here’s the other thing that happened at church on Sunday: We are still a church that does Joys and Sorrows–out loud.We are a smallish church, membership of about 100; general attendance is about 75 to 80. So, I’m leading … Continue reading

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Jumbled brains–not a breakfast recipe for hungry Zombies, sorry :(

The vertigo seems to have subsided, but in its wake (or the wake of the medicines), I’ve been left with dreams that wake, shake and haunt me. Nothing terrifying, and many I can’t remember once I am awake more than … Continue reading

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All the Difference

So, I need to state something very clearly: To Claus or Not to Claus is not the parenting hill I want to die defending.  Parents do different things for different reasons. Sometimes parents are inconsistent and irrational. Sometimes parents are just … Continue reading

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