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Dear Daughters

I have a new post up at my new blog and I invite you to review it at Ugly Pies and Crooked Hats.  Here’s an excerpt: “As I raked, cursing at the leaves and at my own guilt that propelled … Continue reading

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What I learned this week

Here’s what I learned this week as I was walking my feet to nubs back and forth and forth and back: Stark white walls can be a canvas inviting to the artist as they consider layering color over dreams if … Continue reading

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So, here’s the other thing that happened at church on Sunday: We are still a church that does Joys and Sorrows–out loud.We are a smallish church, membership of about 100; general attendance is about 75 to 80. So, I’m leading … Continue reading

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It was early and I was driving youngest daughter to basketball practice. It was early, and yet the grayness of the dawn was lifting just enough that the sun was bathing the trees with this golden light that was more … Continue reading

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I just checked the publication date on one of my dearest, dearest volumes: Wild Mind by Natalie Goldberg. 1990. Yup. That makes sense. I found Natalie in a little independent bookshop (remember those?) in Flagstaff, Arizona, when I went with … Continue reading

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Why do I live?

I’m watching a small group of young people who are related to me who have been to Iraq and back; to Afghanistan and back. I listen to one say he would rather do anything than go back once more–that the human mind and heart cannot take repeated immersions in combat. I hear his fear that he won’t know who he is if he goes back once more. Not that he will die, but that he will live with all that he has seen, all that he has done, and he is not sure he can hold any more of those visions. What he needs now, more than anything, is to find his way home with all that he holds. Continue reading

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Vague post about being (grumble, grumble) human

What happens when you pat yourself on the back? Rotator cuff injury, that’s what. Even, apparently, when the patting is metaphorical. I’ve been wondering how I have been able to manage all of it so well (please, if you don’t know … Continue reading

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Sisters … and worship without music?

So I haven’t done as much “ketching up” as I thought I would do this week. Except with my sister. You can read and about her take on our visit here and here (though I think she is incredibly biased and has … Continue reading

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Ketchup Day 1: Success on most fronts!

I’m really impressed that I was able to do almost all the things on my list of daily goals for myself on my first “workday” day of my Ketchup vacation: I cleaned the bathroom, I did a little bit of … Continue reading

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Ketchup Vacation

Yesterday was my first day of vacation and it started with an 8:00 breakfast meeting about church; the remainder of the day was spent doing serious, deep cleaning on three of the four rooms we use the most: kitchen, dining and … Continue reading

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