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Dreaming in Genres?

There is a long post waiting to be written about health care reform in response to my anxiety from last week, but for now, I offer you a view to how my anxiety manifests itself:  I have not dreamed much … Continue reading

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Serenity NOW!

Today, I wore the new pendant my mother gave me when I saw her earlier this month. She bought this white jade goddess on one of her travels, but we couldn’t figure out how to make it into a pendant because … Continue reading

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7 Things Meme

‘mom‘ at outside the (toy) box tagged me for the Seven Things mem.  mom found me through Radicalmama, whom she also tagged for this and I can’t wait to read what she has to say.  But if you are UU you … Continue reading

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Idol, schmidol–Give me some Studio 60!

Missed Idol.  Sounds like I didn’t miss a thing except a late reveal.  We had the actual performance show on on Tuesday night, but I was busy cooking dinner while taking care of Worship and other logistics on the phone … Continue reading

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Remember Emily Litella?

She was the character played by Gilda Radner who would do the opinion piece on the news update of Saturday Night Live back in the day.  The character was always mishearing things, and then coming out and ranting about the … Continue reading

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Sometimes, things just ‘suck’

Lizard Eater respectfully takes issue with Rev. Christine at iMinister on the use of the term, “it sucks.” I read iMinister’s post originally some time ago and thought about how I used to not let my kids say it.  Now, it slips out all the … Continue reading

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Too stUUpid?

Clearly, there are days when I’m certain I’m too stupid to remember to exhale, let alone be all that I ‘should’ be to be a fully-engaged UU. But Kinsi raises questions about what it feels like to be someone who … Continue reading

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Politics – War Included – For the Opinion Page, Not Lifestyles

I’m supposed to write about television for my column.  My choice, I know.  Last week I only tangentially touched on TV (see 3/18 column, below); this week I started out by saying we turned off the television for something else.  … Continue reading

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Idol Talk – Sanjaya and the Crying Girl

I’m so late with this, but having a sick child at home seems to open up hours and hours to respond to things like this.  Did you see it?  Sanjaya’s performance the other night on American Idol?  If not, go … Continue reading

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TV Column from 3/18

I’m not sure if this is total TV talk today, but it’s what occurred to me in a very long stream of consciousness moment that seemed, at first, to make sense. Let me take you along. It started with me … Continue reading

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