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Emergency Music: Or, How I got out of “The Game”

I don’t ask you to listen to music if you don’t want to, I just ask you not to poop on my party in the meantime. Continue reading

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Nectarine Season

I stood in my kitchen, leaning out over the island, ripping and slurping with an abandon that was downright pornographic, but I didn’t care. The nectarine was perfect and it needed to be appreciated in its fullness. Continue reading

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Lost and Found

A common theme for my dreams is lost things. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who spends her nights searching for lost items and sometimes lost people. Last night was one of those nights, when I was searching … Continue reading

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A Prayer for the Ministers

A Prayer for the Ministers For those who are coming in  new to a congregation or to ministry, itself As intern, interim, contract or settled– I would wish for you a smooth settling, If I didn’t know that this is rare … Continue reading

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On Being Human

Plenty of time this week to collect my thoughts –none however to put those thoughts in the bucket that is this blog and sift through them. Of course, my week started like yours, with the news of the death of … Continue reading

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A fetid stench–and the profit of hope

There’s something in the fridge that–guessing by the smell–is desperate to get out and be allowed to die properly. Now that the 20 turkey breasts my husband brought home from Costco are in his car on the way to the … Continue reading

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Love, UU-Style: a report

So, for you who followed my FB drama about writing a sermon last weekend on Love, UU-Style, I’d like to note that I think the service went really well. And I want to thank you all for your kind support. … Continue reading

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Relevance of the Church

I had two great coffee dates this week: one with an old friend with whom I haven’t chatted in a very long time; the other with a newish friend I see often but with whom I rarely get to have … Continue reading

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If it was easy, everyone would do it

This week was hard. But it wasn’t completely unwieldy. It wasn’t out of the range of doing. It was just simply hard. I could string out the list of events (church’s, children’s, spouse’s and mine) but that would bore me, … Continue reading

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Public Happiness

I just picked up Mrs Darcy and the Blue-Eyed Stranger at the library yesterday and have made time to read the first two stories.  I admit, I was drawn to the book by the title including “Darcy” in it.  Doesn’t take … Continue reading

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