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Of certitude and gratitude

Whenever I feel righteous, I know I’m missing something. I know I’m overlooking the wrongness of my certainty. Not the wrongness of my point of view, but the wrongness of knowing that I cannot be wrong. Because I am. In … Continue reading

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A fetid stench–and the profit of hope

There’s something in the fridge that–guessing by the smell–is desperate to get out and be allowed to die properly. Now that the 20 turkey breasts my husband brought home from Costco are in his car on the way to the … Continue reading

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Just asking

I don’t know that I have the answers, but I’ve been pondering some questions since my last post: what CAN we give our children so that they are able to be brave, creative and steadfast in the face of adversity? Is … Continue reading

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If it was easy, everyone would do it

This week was hard. But it wasn’t completely unwieldy. It wasn’t out of the range of doing. It was just simply hard. I could string out the list of events (church’s, children’s, spouse’s and mine) but that would bore me, … Continue reading

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A long and winding road to “The Point”

So, in my last post, I pointed to three different posts and asked if there was anyone who could help me see the connection between those three stories–or at least help me articulate them. I updated the post when I … Continue reading

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Burying Sunday School: a sleep-deprived RE Chair goes ape sh*t

It’s the middle of the night and I’m really tired and I’m awake because there are four 12 year olds having a “sleep over” in my living room. So I really shouldn’t respond right now. But I feel it coming on.  … Continue reading

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Just askin’

I’m thrilled about the news out of CA about Prop 8, but I have a question for those blogging and facebooking about it: does it do our “Standing on the Side of Love” message any good to call those with … Continue reading

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Regardless, this has been a really informative year and I would say that the most striking lesson I learned is that, generally, all that is required to ease someone’s burden is to respond. Continue reading

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Do Not Squander It

I won’t presume to say what the results will be, but I feel compelled to go on the record saying this: Dear Democrats, Progressives, and lovers of liberty, one and all, Should what we hope to happen actually come about, … Continue reading

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Country first? Which one?

Man, was I wrong.  Picking Sarah Palin was NOT about trolling for women, it was about pandering to frightened white people.  It was about the wink-wink racism that appeals to those who are afraid of people of color and of … Continue reading

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