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New Blog! New Blog!

I’m so grateful to those of you who have followed this blog in the past.  I’m leaving this blog up, but all of my new stuff will be on my new site.  Please feel free to subscribe to that site … Continue reading

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Worry not

Worry not My identity has been found lurking in another purse being held in place by a clamp and a key Worry not now that it is found and sitting in the light glowing on my desk we know other … Continue reading

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The Soul Will Sing

with regrets
kissing their lips Continue reading

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I just checked the publication date on one of my dearest, dearest volumes: Wild Mind by Natalie Goldberg. 1990. Yup. That makes sense. I found Natalie in a little independent bookshop (remember those?) in Flagstaff, Arizona, when I went with … Continue reading

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One of my favorite poems

… was written by a boy in Minnesota named Lombard and was caputred by Natalie Goldberg in Wild Mind.  Just read it again this a.m. when I picked up my battered old copy of the oft-used source of inspiration.  And here was his poem: … Continue reading

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Last weekend, I finally found the cord and the passwords so I could upload some tunes on my iPod with the iTunes card I got for Christmas. More than that, I finally found the tIme to do this in a … Continue reading

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Waking up

Sometimes I am overwhelmed by gratitude. It takes me over Not washing over like a shower, like a warm glow, but like a searing pain that comes from nowhere. Sometimes gratitude slips in unknown like those helicopter seeds that whirl … Continue reading

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For the Love of Characters and Fiction

I offered to read someone’s novel this week. Now, I’m coming off what I may call my classic women’s literature summer if I look back at this summer in any way some day. Driving to and from work, I’ve listened … Continue reading

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“So, here’s the thing”

A few years back I started a writing project of short and short-short pieces that all started with a character saying “So, here’s the thing …” I started it because I kept hearing people use the phrase to get to … Continue reading

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Better … Part 2

Thanks to all who commented on my post a couple back, for your gentleness, your kindness, your presence. I’ve been reading and “reading” a lot lately.  All fiction.  Just finished listening to Almost Moon (“reading”) by the woman who wrote … Continue reading

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